Frequently asked questions

Retreat Questions

How much does a retreat cost?

Retreats are FREE.. which includes; housing, food, activities, golf, etc.

Who can attend a retreat?

All current male college golfers, high school senior golfers committed to play college golf and college coaches can attend retreats

How long does a retreat last?

Most retreats last about 3 days.. you can check the current retreats that are available here

How do I sign up for a retreat?

You can sign up for retreats by going to the events page here

Donor Questions

How can I give to CGF?

You can give to CGF through our online giving page here, by mail (at the address on the donate page) or through a creative gift (please contact us here for more information).

How do I get a donation summary for tax purposes?

If you need a donation summary for the current or prior calendar year, contact us here and request one.

How to I change the amount of a recurring donation?

If you need to change the amount of a recurring donation, contact us here and let us know what the new amount is.

How do I update credit card or bank information for a recurring donation?

If you need to update credit card or bank information associated with a recurring donation, we can cancel the current recurring donation associated with the old credit card or bank information. All you need to do is set up a new recurring donation using the new credit card or bank information via the donation page of this website. When you have completed setting up the new recurring donation using the updated credit card or bank information, contact us here and let us know we can cancel the previous recurring donation with the old credit card or bank information.

How do I donate stock to CGF?

If you would like to donate to CGF in the form of stock or other securities, contact us here to obtain the transfer instructions.

How do I get a copy of a donation receipt?

If you need to obtain a copy of a donation receipt, contact us here with your request for a copy and we will email it to you.

How do I update my mailing or email address?

If you need to update the mailing or email address we have on file, contact us here with the new mailing or email address and we will update your profile.

How are donations credited to staff with regards to regional support raising?

CGF Staff are required to fundraise the total amount of their ministry budget. Their budget includes all compensation and expense for ministry in their region. In line with IRS non-profit standards, all funds donated to CGF are utilized in general for the overall operation of the ministry. When you donate in support of a CGF Staff member, the donation is internally credited to the indicated staff member and counted towards their fundraising goal.

My donation is not going through, what is the problem?

Debit/Credit Cards – Donations made using a credit card are authorized immediately. If your attempt is being rejected, it is likely that either the name or the address you have entered does not match what is on file with your credit card provider. These are the most common issues related to credit card donations being rejected. As long as the information being entered matches what is on the card and on file with the provider, there should be no issues.

Bank/EFT – Most donations made using bank accounts go through initially. However, common issues are insufficient funds, incorrect account number, or account restrictions like a limitation on the number of debits (this is common for savings accounts). If your donations is returned, we will contact you via email and let you inform you of the issue and the reason.

What is CGF’s tax identification number for 501(c)3 tax-deduction purposes?

CGF’s tax identification number is 55-0798282.

How do I go paperless with my donation receipts?

If you would like to receive emailed donation receipts instead of receiving them by mail, contact us here and provide us with your email address.

How do I cancel a recurring donation?

If you would like to cancel a recurring donation, contact us here and request to have the recurring donation cancelled.

General Questions

What does CGF do?

College Golf Fellowship exists to meet a need that isn’t being met by any other organization. CGF is the only Christian ministry with the specific purpose of building into the lives of college golfers, sharing the hope of Christ with them, and discipling those who have placed their trust in Him. We come alongside teams by attending practices, tournaments and by hosting retreats throughout the year.

How do I contact a local CGF Staffer?

You can contact your local area staff minister by going to our "Meet The Team" page and selecting their personal email listed below their name.

What is CGF's relationship with players after they graduate?

If a player decides they want to pursue professional golf, they will still have every opportunity to stay connected to CGF through their local area staff minister. If a player determines that they will not continue playing golf they can join our CGF Alumni Network that will then provide them with numerous opportunities to remain connected to CGF far after graduation.

What is CGF's refund policy for paid events?

All paid events are able to be refunded up until the day of the event if you cannot attend. Please reach out to us here if you have already paid and will not be in attendance.