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A high level junior golf tournament that integrates golf, life and faith into one amazing weekend

Leaderboard and Tee Sheet

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The Scottie

The Scottie and Friends is modeled after the Webb Simpson Challenge in North Carolina. It is a high-level junior golf tournament that incorporates all things golf, life and faith into an amazing weekend! Watch the video below to get a glimpse into what it's like.

When: November 26-28

Who: 9th - 12th Grade Guys

Where: Frisco, TX

All-Inclusive Cost: $425 (Hotel, golf, food, etc.)

The Scottie Scheffler Challenge is much more than an average golf tournament. Instead, it is a challenge for every golfer in both his golf game and his faith. The Scottie Scheffler Challenge is based on 1 Timothy 4:8 - "For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for both the present life and the life to come". 

Do you love to compete like Scottie? Do you see value in having a college or pro golfer as a mentor? Do you want to spend time with and learn from the world’s #1 golfer? Would you like to make friends with future college golfers? Would you like to grow in your faith? 

If so, the Scottie Scheffler Challenge is for you.

About The Scottie

        "My faith in Jesus Christ is the most important aspect of my entire life. However, golf, especially junior golf, has played a significant role in shaping the person I am today and was a highlight of my childhood. After talking with my good buddy Webb Simpson and seeing the impact and success of the Webb Simpson Challenge, I knew immediately that I wanted to do something similar in Texas. That's why my wife, Meredith, and I believe this is something we have to do, and we are so excited to get it started this November! At the end of the day, golf is just a game, and we cannot place our entire identity and hope in it. Instead, there is a place where we can put all of our hope, and that is in the person of Jesus! What I can promise is that if you come and play in The Scottie, you will have the most fun you've ever had at a tournament, compete against great competition, and, if you're not careful, you will leave with your entire life changed through the power of the gospel. I hope to see you in Frisco in November!"

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Who are Scottie's "Friends"

Scottie’s Pro Golf & College Golfer friends will be “Team Leaders”, “Clinicians”, and “speakers” during the tournament. Some of these friends include Pierceson Coody, Parker Coody and many more!

Team Leaders - There will be team leaders for every 5 juniors in the tournament. The 5 man teams and their leaders will be drawn on Sunday evening of the tournament. The team leaders will be hanging with their team the whole time off the golf course. There will be a separate fun competition between each 5 man team during the tournament.

The Venue

Tournament Application

Please complete the form to apply to the tournament.

*Applications close November 8th

*Top 50 players off the TXGA points list will be exempt

*Final 22 players will be special invites, determined by the golf committee

*Full field will be 72 players

Thanks for submitting!

Schedule For The Week

Sunday, Nov 26
2:30pm – Registration Begins
2:30pm – Practice Facilities Open
4:45pm – Scottie Scheffler Golf Clinic

5:45pm – Pizza Party & Pickleball

***Meet the CGF Staff, College Players, and Pros
7:15pm – Drawing For 5-Man Teams & Team Leaders

8:00pm - Scottie Scheffler Q&A
9:00pm – Team Meetings
10:00pm – Free Time
11:00pm – Lights Out

Monday, Nov 27th
7:30 – Breakfast Opens
8:20am – Meet the Pros
8:40am – Devotional
9:00am – Warm Up
10:00am – Shotgun Start – 18 Holes
***Box Lunches provided on the course (Delivered by Team Leaders, CFA or Stonebriar Food)
2:30pm – Free Time (Rest & Practice)
5:00pm – Putting Championship
6:15pm – Dinner
7:15pm – Preparing for College Golf - Q&A with Pros
9:00pm - Team Meetings
10:00pm – Free Time
11:00pm – Lights Out

Tuesday, Nov 28th
7:30 – Breakfast
8:30am – Meet the Pros
8:40am – Devotional
9:00am – Warm Up
10:00am – Shotgun Start – 18 Holes
***Snacks provided on golf course
2:30pm - Buffet Lunch (Parents welcome)
3:00pm – Awards Presentation (Individuals & Teams)
3:30pm – Final Words; Prayer of Blessings

The Scottie is possible thanks to our incredible sponsors!

Gold Sponsors

Peter & Stacey Paulsen
Freddy & Emma Espiercueta

Peter & Stacey Paulsen
Freddy & Emma Espiercueta
Levi & Kara McMellian
Doug & Margaret Jordan
Mark & Peggy Griege
Dave Senior
Mark & Beth Marshall
Al & Krista Escamilla
Sam Froggette (EyeLine Golf)
Mark Autry
Keith Waggoner
Matt & Jullian Briggs
Brian & Erin Lemmerman
Jody Hawn
Eric & JayLeen Heyman
Ray & Margie Kubis
Eric Affeldt
Scott & Barbara Frechette
Craig Goodspeed
Roger Linn
Mark Caprio

Nick Kapral

Silver Sponsors

Stephen & Leslie Shannon
Dr. Jon Valuck

Stephen & Leslie Shannon
Dr. Jon Valuck
Don Martin
Derby David
Steve & Angie Plemons
Jeremy & Stacie David
Craig & Jennifer Bostick
Greg McCoy
Kevin Bohren
Chad & Nora Estes
Brandon & Brittany Huffman
Josh Huffman
John Aymond
Justin King
Lee Sandlin
John Brannen
Kip Bradley
Mitch Reed

Bronze Sponsors

Siri & Steve Livengood
Darrell & Brenda David

Steve & Siri Livengood
Darrell & Brenda David
Hunter Todd
Grant Farrell
Walt Barnes
Josh Mayer


Have any questions?

Email Marcus Jones at 

The Texas Golf Association is proud to host this exceptional golf tournament in partnership with College Golf Fellowship.
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